Student Diversity Training

Diversity Performances

In order to improve the workplace climate for women faculty – and indeed all faculty – the ADVANCE Center is engaged in an effort to teach students that respecting all faculty is part of the culture of excellence at Texas A&M.  The Center is working with a two-day student orientation known locally as Fish Camp as well as New Student Conferences to address students’ implicit biases toward women and minority faculty.

Specifically, the ADVANCE Center has engaged in two interrelated strategies for this activity:

  1. skits focused on issues pertinent to women and minority faculty to be performed at all sessions of Fish Camp, and
  2. a video focused on issues pertinent to women and minority faculty to be played at New Student Conferences (NSC) in the colleges.

The latest version of the video, which was made by students for students with oversight from the ADVANCE Leadership Team, the Office of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity, the ADVANCE Student Diversity Activity Committee, and staff in the colleges –  can be viewed here. A professionally made version will be made available to all units across campus in 2016.


ADV 4color nonAM HIGH copyaFor inquiries, please contact the ADVANCE Program Coordinator, Linda Stelly (979.845-1235).

Student Diversity Training Committee