STRIDE Program

What is STRIDE?

The Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence (STRIDE) Program aims to provide training for all members of search committees to reduce bias in decision making in the faculty selection process.  It is separate from but complementary to the search committee training offered by the TAMU Office of the Dean of Faculties.

The TAMU ADVANCE Program emphasizes peer-to-peer communication of program goals and values.  To that end, the STRIDE Program operates in two stages.  In the first, senior faculty from various disciplines are nominated to participate as workshop facilitators based on their commitment to diversity and excellence. They are invited to engage in an intensive study of the scientific literature on decision-making, implicit bias, and best practices for ensuring a well-qualified and diverse faculty.  Two cohorts of senior faculty have participated in this process to date (November 1, 2015), with a third cohort anticipated in 2016.  In the second stage, these trained senior faculty members work in teams of two to facilitate 2-hour workshops for search committee members.  In the workshops, participants discuss best practices for diversifying candidate pools and work to improve hiring practices in their units.

Two to three workshops are held each semester and all members of search committees are encouraged to attend.  Some units require attendance as a stipulation for search committee membership, others do not.  This program emphasizes two of the five Psychologically Healthy Workplace practices:  Employee Growth and Development and Employee Involvement (for both workshop facilitators and workshop participants).  Of note, the ADVANCE Center is currently developing similar workshops for Awards Committees as well as committees for Promotion and Tenure.

Associate Dean College of Education

Mary Alfred
Associate Dean
College of Education

Professor, Psychology

Mindy Bergman
Professor Psychology

Associate Professor Entomology

Craig Coates
Associate Professor

Department Chair Molecular and Cellular Medicine

Jeff Kapler
Department Chair
Molecular & Cellular Medicine

kreider r

Rick Kreider
Department Head
Health & Kinesiology

Farida sohrabji
Professor Neuroscience

wu b

Ben Wu
Ecosystem Science & Management

Others who have participated in the intensive study of the scientific literature on decision-making, implicit bias, and best practices for ensuring a well-qualified and diverse faculty but do not currently facilitate workshops include the following:

Michael Benedik, Vice Provost
George Cunningham, Associate Dean, College of Education
Blanca Lupiani, Interim Dean of Faculties
Sam Mannan, Chemical Engineering
Jim Rogers, Associate Professor, Political Science
Debbie Thomas, Department Head, Oceanography
Julie Wilson, Program Coordinator, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Cesar Malave, Dean and COO of Texas A&M University at Qatar

STRIDE Workshop Schedule

STRIDE Workshop Materials


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