Social Science Studies

Six social science studies are being conducted in concert with the 12 ADVANCE activities. The Social Science Studies Team is exploring Psychologically Healthy Workplace (PHW) practices as they relate to program activities.  (The Evaluation Team is relying heavily on these analyses for data and interpretation where the studies are directly affiliated with a specific ADVANCE activity such as STRIDE or the Administrative Fellows Program.)  Supplemental analyses are also being conducted using various administrative records as well as TAMU’s Faculty Climate Surveys. Each study below provides a link to summaries which contain the current status of each study.  (For the original Social Science Studies Plan, see the Social Science Supplement to the TAMU-IT proposal.)

Workplace Climate Change:  Impact of implicitly biased behavior toward female faculty by faculty, staff, and students on the well-being of women faculty

Recruitment & Retention: Nature and level of the relationship between implicit bias toward women and minorities, selection/promotion decisions, and well-being

Success Enhancement:  Impact of development and training opportunities tailored to women faculty on the negative effects of implicit gender-based biases