Psychologically Healthy Workplace

The underlying conceptual framework for the ADVANCE program is the American Psychological Association’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace (PHW) initiative.  There are 5 PHW practices: Employee Growth & Development, Employee Health & Safety, Employee Involvement, Employee Recognition, and Employee Work-Life Balance (see Table 1 below).  Each of the 12 ADVANCE activities is aligned with one or more of these practices (see Table 2 below).

Table 1
American Psychological Association’s
5 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Practices
Employee Growth & Development
  • Provide employees with the opportunity to expand their knowledge, skills, and abilities and provide an outlet to apply these gained competencies
  • Job-related and career-related training and benefits
Employee Health & Safety*
  • Maximize the health of employees through prevention, assessment, and treatment of potential health risks
  • Disease management and health promotion and wellness
Employee Involvement**
  • Allow employees to bring ideas and perspectives as a part of organizational decision-making
  • Autonomy and input
Employee Recognition
  • Allow employees to be rewarded for their contributions and achievements
  • Monetary and non-monetary rewards
Employee Work-Life Balance
  • Help employees to balance the multiple demands in their lives
  • Work flexibility and non-work support
*Health and Safety is operationalized in our academic setting as wellbeing & lack of mistreatment (Grawitch et al., 2007).
**Employee Involvement is one of the more critical PHW categories (Grawitch et al., 2009).


Table 2
Alignment Between
ADVANCE Activities and PHW Practices
ADVANCE Activity PHW Practice
Employee Growth & Development Employee Healthy & Safety Employee Involvement Employee Recognition Employee Work-Life Balance
Climate Change
LEAD Program  •   •
FASIT Program  •
Student Diversity Training
Departmental Mini-Grants
Merit Pool Incentives
Recruitment & Retention
ADVANCE Speaker Series
STRIDE Program
Faculty Recognition
Roadmap Workshops
Success Enhancement
Administrative Fellow Program
Scholars Program
Success Circles

Grawitch, M., Trares, S., and Kohler, J. (2007). Healthy Workplace Practices and Employee Outcomes. International Journal of Stress Management, Vol. 14, No. 3, 275–293.

Grawitch, M. J., Ledford, Jr., G. E., Ballard, D. W., & Barber, L. K. (2009). Leading the healthy workforce: The integral role of employee involvement. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 61, 122-135.