Our Story

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Building on the Past, Reaching Toward the Future:
ADVANCE-ing Texas A&M University


Funded by the National Science Foundation, the TAMU ADVANCE Center was established in 2010 to engage in research and evidence-based activities and advocacy to broaden the climate of inclusion for all faculty. The overarching goal of the Center – which is aligned with TAMU’s Diversity Plan, Action 2015, and Vision 2020 as well as the goals of the State of Texas Higher Education Plan and the National Academies – is to build on previous university-wide efforts and further weave the deeply held values of diversity, inclusion, and respect into the culture of our institution.

The overarching goal is reinforced with multi-pronged programming for administrators, faculty, staff, and students that focuses on improvement of workplace climate and the recruitment, retention, and success of diverse faculty of excellence. Some ADVANCE initiatives are innovative; some build on a long history of previous institutional efforts by taking things to a new level. However, the TAMU ADVANCE theory of institutional change assumes that no single initiative will substantially impact progress. Instead, a series of interrelated programs and vigilant attention are necessary for institutional transformation and a Psychologically Healthy Workplace, the underlying conceptual framework of our program.