FASIT Program Committee

The TAMU ADVANCE Center’s Faculty and Staff Interaction Team (FASIT) Program aims to improve workplace climate at the department level by focusing on the relationship between faculty and staff. The core strategy of the program is to establish FASIT Teams in each department. Teams are composed of equal numbers of faculty and staff. The size of the teams is driven by the size, location, and climate of the individual departments. The purpose of these teams is to transform departmental culture.
Role Name/Email Title/Department
Social Science Researcher Kathi Miner Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Member Mike King Assistant Department Head, Department of Petroleum Engineering
Member Anne Mayer Director, Employee & Organizational Development
Member Linda Stelly Program Coordinator, ADVANCE Center
Member Lona Warren Chief of Staff, Civil Engineering
Social Science Research Assistants Samantha Chalupa Social Science Research Assistant, Department of Psychology