ADVANCE Speaker Series


speaker seriesgreyThe TAMU ADVANCE Program is an NSF-funded effort which seeks to increase the number and diversity of women faculty at Texas A&M. There are twelve activities in the program, one of which is the ADVANCE Speaker Series.  The Speaker Series brings outstanding senior and mid-career women scientists and engineers to campus for two talks, one about their research and another about diversity in STEM.  There are generally 3-6 speakers per year.

Major Objectives

The three major objectives of this activity are to:

  • foster faculty success by giving women faculty, advanced graduate students, and postdocs at Texas A&M the opportunity to network with prominent women scholars;
  • improve the workplace climate by exposing the Texas A&M community to eminent women scholars who not only have credibility by virtue of their scientific work but also have placed great importance on diversity in STEM; and
  • enhance the recruitment and retention of women faculty by providing an additional vehicle for recruiting mid-career to senior women faculty.

All speakers in the series will satisfy the first objective and at least one of the second two objectives.

Speaker nominations are solicited from ADVANCE Target Departments. The hosting department will organize the speaker’s visit with assistance from the ADVANCE Center. The visit should include two talks: 1) a technical presentation on their research and 2) a talk related to women in STEM with a reception open to the university community. The speaker should meet with researchers in her discipline as well as other pertinent groups (e.g. the department’s female faculty, post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students and similar groups from other STEM departments).


The ADVANCE Center will cover the speaker’s costs and the cost of university-wide or cross-departmental events, while the hosting department will cover the costs of department-level events such as meetings or meals with students and faculty.


circle checkADVANCE Target Departments are eligible to nominate a speaker.  Multiple nominations may be submitted by a department.  More than one department may co-host a speaker.  Department Head approval is required for each application.

Proposal Outline

In order to nominate a speaker, departments must submit a proposal.  Proposals should be no longer than two pages and provide the following information:

  1. the requesting department, department head name and email address, and one contact person (name, email address, and phone number) for the application
  2. the name and brief biosketch of the proposed speaker and, if possible, a full CV (the speaker’s biosketch and CV are not included in the two-page limit)
  3. a description of how this visit meets the major objectives listed above (reminder:  all speakers should satisfy objective 1 above and at least one of objectives 2 and 3)
  4. a listing of the number of faculty, by rank, in the host department and an indication of how many of them are women
  5. a tentative schedule for the visit, including length of the proposed visit and a list of potential activities in which the speaker would participate
  6. a budget and the identification of any matching funds (although matching is not required)
  7. confirmation that the department understands that the speaker will provide two talks, one on their research and one on diversity in STEM
  8. confirmation that the department will provide a brief report within 30 days of the last talk their speaker gives (see Reporting below)
  9. a signed statement by the department head that he/she supports the application

Note:  Nominated speakers do not have to be contacted prior to proposal submission.

Due Dates

Speaker nominations are not being taken at this time (January, 2016).

Review Criteria

Applications will be reviewed on the criteria stated in the above outline.  Priority will be given to applications from departments that have not previously hosted an ADVANCE Speaker through this program.  Also, an effort will be made to select speakers from different disciplines to provide broad coverage of the STEM fields. The number of accepted applications will depend on the quality of the applications and on the availability of funds.

Submission Instructions

Your nomination must include a signed statement of support by all involved Department Heads.

We are no longer accepting submissions


For each accepted application, a short report (one page or less) will be expected within 30 days of the visit which details the activities, approximate attendance (number, gender, and academic rank) at each activity, and impressions on how well the visit met the objectives of the ADVANCE Speaker Series.

Additional Information

Additional information about the ADVANCE Program can be found on the homepage.


ADV 4color nonAM HIGH copyaFor inquiries, please contact For inquiries, please contact , ADVANCE (979.862.4526).

ADVANCE Speaker Series Committee