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The Texas A&M University ADVANCE program is an NSF-funded effort which seeks to increase the number and diversity of women faculty at all levels at Texas A&M.  There are twelve activities, one of which is the ADVANCE Scholar Program.  The purpose of the ADVANCE Scholar Program is to facilitate mentoring between Texas A&M University women faculty of color and eminent scholars in their fields.  The two-year program is explicitly designed to contribute to the retention and promotion of women faculty of color at Texas A&M University and to enhance their success as they advance in academia.

In the first year of the program, Scholars will be strategically paired with an internal advocate who will assist the Scholar, as necessary, with identifying an appropriate mentor.  These internal advocates will further serve to broaden the Scholar’s circle of contacts within the university and aid in establishing a sustainable development network.  Initial contact with potential mentors will be made either by the Scholar or the Office of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity’s office.  Once the Eminent Scholar has agreed to serve as a mentor for a minimum of one year, the Scholar will travel for a face-to-face meeting with their Eminent Scholar/Mentor.  During the first or second year of the program, the Eminent Scholar/Mentor will travel to Texas A&M to interact with their Scholar, preferably during the program conference.  All visits are meant to provide the Scholar with professional networking opportunities, development or enhancement of a career plan, the chance to share her research more widely with experts in her field, and an opportunity to heighten her professional visibility in preparation for tenure, promotion, or other career advancement.  Eminent Scholars/Mentors may become appropriate evaluators of the faculty member’s work at the moment of tenure or promotion.



circle checkThe main objectives of the ADVANCE Scholar Program are to provide mentors for underrepresented women STEM faculty (e.g. women of color, GLBT) and to establish a national conference specifically for women who are marginalized along multiple dimensions.



The ADVANCE Scholar Program is specifically designed for tenure-track women of color in STEM disciplines.  Applicants should identify why their participation in the program would further the goals of the ADVANCE Scholar Program.



ADVANCE Scholar: In the first year of the mentoring relationship, ADVANCE will pay for travel expenses up to $1,500 to allow Scholars to travel for a face-to-face meeting with their Eminent Scholar/Mentor.  Under special circumstances, the ADVANCE Scholar Program may negotiate the timing of the allocation and/or provide additional funds.

Eminent Scholar/Mentor: In the first or second year, ADVANCE will pay for travel expenses up to $1,500 for external Eminent Scholars/Mentors to travel to Texas A&M to interact with Scholars.  Ideally, this visit will coincide with the program conference.  Funds are also available to offer external Eminent Scholars/Mentors a $500 honorarium.


Application Instructions

Applications for the ADVANCE Scholar program should include the following:

  • Applicant Name, Title, Email, Mail Stop and Phone Number
  • Applicant’s CV
  • Research Interests and Professional Goals (500 words or less)
  • Justification – This statement (500 words or less) should make a case for why the applicant wants to participate in the program, including how participation will benefit the applicant professionally.  Applicants should identify why their participation in the program would further the goals of the ADVANCE Scholar Program.
  • Eminent Scholar Name, Title, University Affiliation, Mailing Address, Email, Phone Number.  Please select at least two potential Eminent Scholars/Mentors and include the intended venue (e.g. conference, board meeting, etc.) where contact with the Eminent Scholar/Mentor is to be made.



Submission Instructions

Submit your application as a single .pdf file.

Submit Advance Scholar Program Application



Review Criteria

Applications will be reviewed on the criteria stated in the Application Instructions above.


Program Evaluation and Research

As with all ADVANCE activities, the ADVANCE Scholar program will be evaluated for efficacy by a team of expert evaluators. In addition to this, ADVANCE Scholars may be asked to participate in a confidential social science research study about the nature of mentoring relationships. As with all research involving human subjects, participation is completely voluntary. Scholars may decide not to participate without their relations with Texas A&M University or the ADVANCE Scholar Program being affected.

Additional Information

Additional information about the ADVANCE program can be found on the homepage.


ADV 4color nonAM HIGH copyaFor inquiries, applicants may contact ADVANCE (979.862.4526).

ADVANCE Scholar Program Committee