ADVANCE Advocates

The ADVANCE Center works to promote and sustain equity at Texas A&M, but everyone in the university community has a role to play. The individuals below serve as advocates for the ADVANCE Program. Advocates provide support in many ways. Some simply communicate information about our activities with others or share their own experiences with our program. Others may promote the values of the program in their units, across campus, and beyond.  Some advocates even serve on committees that design and implement ADVANCE activities.  Many advocates engage in behaviors that support our women faculty and faculty of color.

If you are a member of the TAMU community and would like to be an advocate and support the ADVANCE Program, please email the ADVANCE Program Coordinator, Linda Stelly.

  1. Sandra Acosta (College of Education & Human Development)
  2. Marvin Adams (Nuclear Engineering)
  3. Jacqueline Aitkenhead (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  4. Jacqui Aitkenhead-Peterson (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  5. Gerianne Alexander-Packard (Psychology)
  6. Mary Alfred (College of Education and Human Development)
  7. Toni Alvarado (College of Engineering)
  8. Nancy Amato (Engineering)
  9. N. K. Anand (Dwight Look College of Engineering)
  10. Angela Arenas (Veterinary Medicine)
  11. Towanna Arnold (Chemical Engineering)
  12. Meigan Aronson (Science)
  13. Winfred Arthur (Psychology)
  14. Charles Aubeny (College of Engineering)
  15. John August (Center for Teaching Excellence)
  16. Robin Autenrieth (Civil Engineering)
  17. Muthu Bagavathiannan (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  18. David Baltensperger (Soil and Crop Sciences)
  19. Katherine Banks (Dwight Look College of Engineering)
  20. Kevin Barge (Communication)
  21. Christi Barrera (Liberal Arts)
  22. Maria Barrufet (Engineering)
  23. Chelsi Bass (Liberal Arts)
  24. Kayla Bayless (College of Medicine)
  25. Deborah Bell-Pedersen (Science)
  26. Michael Benedik (Office of the Provost & Executive Vice President)
  27. Mindy Bergman (Department of Psychology )
  28. Jamilia Blake (College of Education & Human Development)
  29. Lisa Bowman-Perrott (College of Education & Human Development)
  30. Alex Brown (Liberal Arts)
  31. Mary Bryk (Agriculture and Life Science)
  32. Karen Butler-Purry (Office of Graduate Studies)
  33. Anthony Cahil (College of Engineering)
  34. Lisa Campbell (Geosciences)
  35. Ginger Carney (Science)
  36. Zuleika Carrasco (Liberal Arts)
  37. Adrienne Carter-Sowell (Department of Psychology )
  38. Elena Castell-Perez (Biological & Agricultural Engineering)
  39. Nicole Fadeke Castor (Liberal Arts)
  40. Jean-Francois Chamberland (College of Engineering)
  41. Frederick M. Chester (College of Geoscience)
  42. Diane Chico (College of Medicine)
  43. Dominique Chlup (Educational Administration & Human Resources Development)
  44. Craig Coates (Department of Entomology)
  45. Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez (Engineering)
  46. Gerard L. Coté (College of Egineering)
  47. Betty Cotton (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  48. D'Anne Crain (College of Engineering)
  49. George Cunninigham (College of Education & Human Development)
  50. Marcetta Darensbourg (Science)
  51. Sumana Datta (Honors and Undergraduate Research)
  52. Trina Davis (College of Education & Human Development)
  53. Suzanne Droleskey (Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs)
  54. Mahmoud El Hawagi (College of Engineering)
  55. Chanda Elbert (Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communications)
  56. Brad Epps (Liberal Arts)
  57. Maria Escobar-Lemmon (Liberal Arts)
  58. Maria Eseteve-Gassent (College of Veteninary Medicine)
  59. Lisa Eubanks - Garcia (College of Medicine )
  60. Joe Feagin (Sociology)
  61. Alva Ferdinand (College of Public Health )
  62. Sherecce Fields (Liberal Arts)
  63. Jennifer Ford (Multicultural Services)
  64. Wilf Gardner (Oceanography)
  65. Sarah Gatson (Liberal Arts)
  66. Clare Gill (Department of Animal Science)
  67. Cecilia Giusti (College of Architecture )
  68. John Gladysz (Department of Chemistry)
  69. Carmen Gomes (Biological and Agricultural Engineering)
  70. Patricia Goodson (Department of Health and Kinesiology)
  71. Ana Goulart (Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution)
  72. Kelly Graf (Liberal Arts)
  73. Eleanor Green (College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences)
  74. Michael Green (College of Science)
  75. Inci Guneralp (Geosciences)
  76. Debbie Hanson (College of Engineering)
  77. Kristin Harper (Associate Provost For Undergraduate)
  78. Danielle Harris (Office of the Dean of Agriculture & Life Sciences)
  79. Idethia Harvey (College of Education & Human Development)
  80. Andy Herring (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  81. Jennifer Holle (College of Science)
  82. Marybeth Hueste (Engineering)
  83. Pat Hurley (Office of the Dean of Liberal Arts)
  84. Cynthia Hurt (College of Liberal Arts)
  85. Diane Hurtado (President's Office)
  86. Mark Hussey (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  87. Nancy Ing (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  88. Hyeran Jo (College of Liberal Arts)
  89. Geoffrey Kapler (College of Medicine )
  90. Claire Katz (Philosophy)
  91. Christine Kaunas (Public Health)
  92. Roland Kaunas (Department of Biomedical Engineering)
  93. Verna Keith (Liberal Arts)
  94. Ann Kenimer (Office of Undergraduate Studies)
  95. Sheree Kessler (Department of Physics)
  96. Carrie Kilpatrick (College of Liberal Arts)
  97. Jorja Kimball (Vice President For Research)
  98. Mike King (Department of Petroleum Engineering)
  99. Richard Krieder (Department of Health and Kinesiology)
  100. Kevin Krisciunas (College of Science)
  101. Andreas Kronenberg (Geology & Geophysics)
  102. Anna Kwiatkowski (College of Science)
  103. Antonio La Pastina (Department of Communications)
  104. Dimitris Lagoudas (Dwight Look College of Engineering)
  105. Joanna Lahey (The Bush School of Government and Public Service)
  106. Chaitanya Lakkimsetti (College of Liberal Arts)
  107. Nicole Latham (College Of Engineering)
  108. Alain Lawo-Sukam (College of Liberal Arts)
  109. Hyunyoung Lee (Dwight Look College of Engineering)
  110. Chanam Lee (College of Architecture )
  111. V. Jorge Leon (Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution)
  112. Arnold LeUnes (College of Liberal Arts)
  113. James Long (College of Science)
  114. Carol Loopstra (Ecosystem Science & Management)
  115. Jim Lukeman (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  116. Blanca Lupiani (Office of the Dean of Faculties)
  117. Jodie Lutkenhaus (Engineering)
  118. Rebekah Luza (College of Liberal Arts)
  119. Christi Madsen (Engineering)
  120. Mary Ellen Maeker (College of Science)
  121. Kristen Maitland (Engineering)
  122. Ceasar Malave (Industrial & Systems Engineering)
  123. Sam Mannan (Department of Chemical Engineering)
  124. Mariana Mateos (Agriculture and Life Science)
  125. Vani Mathur (College of Liberal Arts )
  126. Wayne Matous (Dwight Look College of Engineering)
  127. Pamela Matthews (College of Liberal Arts)
  128. Reuben May (College of Liberal Arts)
  129. E. Lisako McKyer (College of Education & Human Development)
  130. Mary Meagher (Liberal Arts)
  131. Tim Meekma (Dwight Look College of Engineering)
  132. Cynthia Meininger (College of Medicine)
  133. Sherry Melton (College of Science)
  134. Tina Mendoza (College of Medicine )
  135. Kate Miller (College of Geosciences)
  136. Kathi Miner (Department of Psychology )
  137. Kelly Minnis (College of Science)
  138. Heidi Mjelde (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  139. Rosana Moreira (Office of Graduate and Professional Studies)
  140. Anastasia Muliana (Dwight Look College of Engineering)
  141. Joseph Newton (College of Science)
  142. Evdokia Nikolova (Engineering)
  143. Sharli Nucker (Dwight Look College of Engineering)
  144. Corliss Outley (Agriculture and Life Science)
  145. Stephanie Payne (Department of Psychology)
  146. Jean-Philipe Pellois (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  147. Guergana Petrova (Science)
  148. Patricia Pietrantonio (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  149. Nancy Plankey Videla (Liberal Arts)
  150. Daniel Pugh (Divistion of Student Affairs)
  151. Cemal Pulak (College of Liberal Arts)
  152. Srivi Ramasubramanian (Department of Communication)
  153. Juliana Rangel Posada (Department of Entomology)
  154. Tom Reber (Division of Student Affairs)
  155. David Reed (Agriculture & Life Sciences, Dean)
  156. Mary Jo Richardson (Oceanography, College of Geosciences)
  157. Eric Riggs (College of Geoscience)
  158. Raffaella Righetti (Dwight Look College of Engineering)
  159. Craig Rotter (Department of Residence Life)
  160. B. Don Russell (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  161. Phia Salter (Liberal Arts)
  162. Alan Sams (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  163. Luis San Andres (Dwight Look College of Engineering)
  164. Jane Schneider (Division of Finance and Operations)
  165. Simon Sheather (Statistics)
  166. Matthew Sheldon (College of Science)
  167. Dorothy Shippen (Biochemistry & Biophysics)
  168. Mary Louise Sims (College of Science)
  169. Natarajan Sivakumar (College of Science)
  170. Rachel Smallman (Liberal Arts)
  171. Farida Sohrabji (College of Medicine )
  172. David Staack (College of Engineering)
  173. Christine Stanley (Office of the Provost )
  174. David Stelly (Department of Soil & Crop Sciences)
  175. Linda Stelly (ADVANCE Center)
  176. Marna Stepan (College of Engineering)
  177. Lansa Stevens (College of Science)
  178. Emil Straube (Department of Mathematics)
  179. Joyce Sutherland (College of Science)
  180. Kazuko Suzuki (Liberal Arts)
  181. Cecilia Tamborindeguy (Department of Entomology)
  182. Lori Taylor (Bush School of Government and Public Service)
  183. Valerie Taylor (College of Engineering)
  184. Michelle Taylor-Robinson (Liberal Arts)
  185. Debbie Thomas (Geosciences)
  186. Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni (Deans Office of Veterinary Medicine)
  187. Kim-Vy Tran (Science)
  188. Jyotsna Vaid (Psychology)
  189. Bruce Veals (Dwight Look College of Engineering)
  190. Karen Vierow (Department of Nuclear Engineering)
  191. Lona Warren (Civil Engineering)
  192. Coran Watanabe (Science)
  193. Karan Watson (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  194. Nancy Watson (College of Education & Human Development, Office of the Dean)
  195. Bob Webb (Physics & Astronomy)
  196. Tom Wehrly (College of Science)
  197. Jennifer Welch (Engineering)
  198. George Welch (College of Science)
  199. Jane Welsh (Veterinary Medicine)
  200. Cynthia Werner (College of Liberal Arts)
  201. Teresa Wilcox (College of Liberal Arts)
  202. Heather Wilkinson (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  203. Tiffani Williams (Dwight Look College of Engineering)
  204. Haley Williams (College of Medicine)
  205. Julie Wilson (College of Agriculture & Life Sciences)
  206. Donna Witt (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  207. Sandra Wood (College of Science)
  208. CJ Woods (Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs)
  209. Karen Wooley (College of Science)
  210. Ben Wu (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  211. Sherry Yennello (Cyclotron Institute)
  212. Mark Zoran (College of Science)