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The Texas A&M University ADVANCE program is an NSF-funded effort which seeks to increase the number and diversity of women STEM faculty at all levels at Texas A&M. There are twelve activities designed to transform Texas A&M University by increasing gender equity for women STEM faculty, one of which is the Administrative Fellow Program. This activity provides an opportunity for women faculty at the late associate or full professor level to serve as an ADVANCE Administrative Fellow through developmental assignments in the offices of the Provost, Vice Presidents, Associate Provosts, Dean of Faculties, and Deans of Targeted Colleges. Positions may be established by the host unit or developed in concert with a potential candidate. All proposed positions and candidates are reviewed by the ADVANCE Administrative Fellow Program Committee. The ADVANCE Center will provide funding and support programming for the Fellows (e.g. a lunch series with campus administrators and leadership seminars). It is anticipated that a number of the positions designed through the program will become permanent, and that some of the Administrative Fellows will transition into permanent leadership positions.



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The aim of this program is to give tenured women STEM faculty experience in College- and University-level leadership, with the long-range goal of significantly increasing the participation of female faculty in University leadership.


This program is designed for female tenured and tenure-track associate or full professors whose primary appointment is in an ADVANCE Target Department. While other faculty may be recognized as an ADVANCE Administrative Fellow and participate in program activities, such individuals are not eligible for ADVANCE funding.


ADVANCE will buy each Administrative Fellow out of one course per semester for up to two semesters at a maximum of $10,000 per course. In addition, each Administrative Fellow will be awarded a research and training stipend of $2,500 per semester in order to support scholarly activities and professional training (e.g. travel to professional meetings). The total funding available per individual per year, then, is $25,000. Funding for up to 3 Administrative Fellows per year will start in the fall of 2011 and continue through the spring of 2013. Decreasing funds will then be made available through 2015 as the program is institutionalized.


Position Application Outline

The Provost, Vice Presidents, Associate Provosts, the Dean of Faculties, and Deans of Targeted Colleges are invited to submit a Position Application (limit 2 pages) to the Program Committee which contains the following:

  • the position description, with duties and responsibilities;
  • how a suitable candidate will be identified;
  • how budgetary responsibility and/or line management experience will be incorporated into the position;
    • In the absence of this, please provide evidence of the concrete decision making responsibilities that the Administrative Fellow will have.
  • proposed mentoring mechanisms; and
  • proposed start and end dates for the position (ideally but not restricted to July 1 – June 30).
    • Please indicate if you anticipate the position continuing on after the initial 1-year period.



Candidate Confirmation Outline

Those whose Position Application was approved by the Program Committee are invited to submit a Candidate for confirmation (limit 2 pages) which contains the following information:

  • candidate name, rank, department (only candidates from ADVANCE Target Departments are eligible for ADVANCE funding);
  • a brief statement from the candidate about how their participation in the program would further the goals of the ADVANCE Administrative Fellow Program;
  • a description of individuals considered for this position (number, number nominated by others, number self-nominated, department, rank, race/ethnicity)
  • a description of how the candidate was recruited (in-person, email etc.);
  • a description of how the candidate was selected (what criteria was used?);
  • a statement that the candidate will be relieved of department-based service obligations and committee work while serving as an ADVANCE Administrative Fellow; and
  • if the candidate is an Associate Professor, a statement that describes strategies that will be used to ensure that the Administrative Fellowship will not interfere with the candidate’s promotion to full professor.



Due Dates

Position Applications for each academic year are due by the preceding February 1. Host units will be notified about the status of their Position no later than March 1. Once a Position has been approved by the Program Committee, the host unit has discretion to identify a candidate for the ADVANCE Administrative Fellow position. A Candidate must then be submitted to the Program Committee for review no later than April 1. Host units will be notified about the status of their Candidate by May 1.


Review Criteria

Recognizing that different units will have different needs and positions available, the Program Committee seeks positions (either existing or newly created) that:

  • are configured to allow the Administrative Fellow to exercise an active leadership role;
  • are part-time, so that the faculty member can continue their research and other academic duties;
  • last for at least a one-year period to allow meaningful engagement with specific projects;
  • incorporate budgetary responsibility and/or line management experience; and
  • include mechanisms for mentoring by the relevant Provost/Vice Presidents/Associate Provosts/Dean of Faculties/Deans and/or their designees.

Further, Position Applications will be reviewed on the criteria stated in the above Position Application Outline. Priority will be given to applications from units that have not previously hosted an ADVANCE Administrative Fellow. The number of approved positions will depend on the quality of the applications and on the availability of funds.

Submission Instructions

Each submission should be a single .pdf file.

We are no longer accepting submissions.


Administrative Fellows will be asked to meet with members of the ADVANCE Social Science Studies Team for three interviews (before, during, and at the end of the assignment) to discuss their expectations of the position and how they changed via experience in administration. Colleagues of the Administrative Fellows will also be asked to participate in interviews. These interviews will be used to measure the immediate impact of the program. The longer-term impact will be measured through the demographics of leadership at Texas A&M, including both the number of women in leadership positions and the gender balance of applicant and interview pools.

Administrative Fellows will also be asked to briefly meet with the committee for this activity three times (at the beginning, mid-way, and at the end of their assignment) to provide feedback on their experience. This information will be used to further develop program.

Additional Information

Additional information about the ADVANCE Program can be found on the homepage.


ADV 4color nonAM HIGH copyaFor inquiries, please contact the ADVANCE Program Coordinator, Linda Stelly (979.845-1235).

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