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Other ADVANCE Institutions

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Other ADVANCE Institutions

Between 2001 and 2018, the National Science Foundation’s ADVANCE Program has awarded 70 Institutional Transformation (IT) Grants.  The ADVANCE Web Portal aims to link the activities of the IT Grant recipients.  Each program has its own unique focus, as well as a host of resources that are useful for administrators at Texas A&M University.  Similar to Texas A&M University, most insititutions "institutionalize" components of their ADVANCE program after the funding period has ended.  Links to the individual IT programs are below, if available.  

Ninth Cohort (2018)

Arizona State University (AZ)
Florida A&M University (FL)
University of Massachusetts Amherst (MA)
Villanova University (PA)
Virginia Commonwealth University (VA)

Eighth Cohort (2016)

University of New Mexico (NM)
Clemson University (SC)
Florida International University (FL)
Seattle University (WA)
University of Massachusetts Lowell (MA)

Seventh Cohort (2014)

University of Delaware (DE)
Oregon State (OR)
University of Houston (TX)
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University (NC)

Sixth Cohort (2012)

Howard University (DC)
Rochester Institute of Technology (NY)
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
University of California, Davis (CA)
University of Cincinnati (OH)
University of New Hampshire (NH)
University of Texas, Pan-American (TX)
University of Virginia (VA)

Fifth Cohort (2010)

Jackson State University (MS)
Lehigh University (PA)
Syracuse University (NY)
Texas A&M University (TX)
University of Maine (ME)
University of Maryland, College Park (MD)

West Virginia University (WV)

Fourth Cohort (2008)

Michigan State University (MI)
North Dakota State University, Fargo (ND)
Northeastern University (MA)
Ohio State University (OH)
Purdue University (IN)
Rutgers University (NJ)
University of Nebraska, Lincoln (NE)
Washington State University (WA)
Wright State University (OH)

Third Cohort (2005)

Brown University (RI)
Cal State Polytechnic Univ, Pomona (CA)
Cornell University (NY)
Iowa State University (IA)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)
University of Arizona (AZ)
University of Illinois, Chicago (IL)
University of North Carolina, Charlotte (NC)
William Marsh Rice University (TX)

Second Cohort (2003)

Case Western Reserve University (OH)
Columbia University (NY)
Kansas State University (KS)
University of Alabama, Birmingham (AL)
University of Maryland, Baltimore Cnty (MD)
University of Montana (MT)
University of Rhode Island (RI)
University of Texas, El Paso (TX)
Utah State University (UT)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VA)

First Cohort (2001)

Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)
Hunter College – City University of New York (NY)
New Mexico State University (NM)
University of California, Irvine (CA)
University of Colorado, Boulder (CO)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (MI)
University of Puerto Rico, Humacao (PR)
University of Washington (WA)
University of Wisconsin, Madison (WI)