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Research has always been an integral part of ADVANCE.  During the NSF grant phase (2010-2017), several different research projects were conducted by a Social Science Research Team and an Evaluation Team. The Evaluation Team designed research projects to evaluate the impact and efficacy of ADVANCE program and activities, as well as the combined impact of ADVANCE Program. The Social Science Research Team conducted a set of research projects designed to contribute to social science studies of diversity, equity, and incusion.  These projects contributed to research literature on women's experiences in STEM fields and tied into theoretical literature on a Psychologically Healthy Workplace.

Current Research Projects

The Research Team currently consists of the Director of ADVANCE, a Postdoctoral Research Associate (Umer Hussain), two Graduate Research Assistants (Elizabeth Jenkins and Vansa Hanson), and a team of graduate and undergraduate students. The team is working on multiple research projects including:  (1) a project that examines the differential impacts of COVID-19 on scholars at Texas A&M; (2) a project that examines the role of external review letters in the promotion and tenure review process; (3) aproject that examines the relationship between climate and retention for faculty from underrepresented groups; and (4) a project that examines the impact of STRIDE faculty search committee trainings on faculty search practices and outcomes.

Research Opportunities

ADVANCE welcomes individuals who are interested in joining our current research projects. We welcome and value new perspectives and approaches.  If you are interested in either of the projects described above, please contact

Past Research Projects

During the NSF grant phase, the Social Science Research Team conducted six different studies using data from the ADVANCE programs and activities. More detailed information about these studies can be found on the Past Research Projects page and the Archived Reports page.

Faculty Salary Studies

One component of the ADVANCE grant was the initiation of annual salary equity studies. The objective of these studies has been to determine whether or not there are statistically significant differences in monthly salary between male and female tenured/tenure-track faculty at Texas A&M University, adjusting for demographic factors such as title and years of service.  These studies have helped identify individuals whose actual salaries were unusually high or unusually low, given the predictions of the salary model. Individuals with salaries that diverged sharply from the model predictions were flagged for follow-up by college administrators, and in many cases, equity adjustments were made for individuals (male and female) whose salaries were lower than expected. More information on the Faculty Salary Studies, including the annual reports, can be found on the Faculty Salary Studies page.

Faculty Climate Surveys

ADVANCE played an active role in the development, analysis, and distribution of faculty climate surveys that were conducted in 2012 and 2015. More information about these surveys, including reports for each college that participated in the surveys, can be found on the Faculty Climate Surveys page.

ADVANCE Publications

Members of the Social Science Research Team, the Evaluation Team, and the Principal Investigators worked on multiple publications during and after the NSF phase of the ADVANCE.  Abstracts of these publications and PDF copies of each article can be found on the ADVANCE Publications page.