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Workshops Upon Request


Image of a woman leading a workshop in a seminar room

Workshops Upon Request

The ADVANCE office works with departments and colleges at Texas A&M University to offer workshops related to climate, diversity, and inclusion. Each workshop will be tailored to the specific unit and co-facilitated by a member of the host unit. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this program is suspended until the Fall 2021 semester.


Workshop Topics

Communicating Respectfully in a Diverse World

This workshop is designed to give participants the confidence and skills to speak up and intervene when they hear stereotypes and acts of incivility. The workshop is based on the "Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts" training program developed by Leslie Aguilar. ADVANCE has modified the contents of that program so that the content is specifically targeted for faculty (and administrators). This workshop is offered for 90 minutes or 2 hours.


Encouraging and Appreciating a Work-Life Balance in Academia


This workshop is designed to give participants information on personal and institutional strategies that can be used to reduce work-life conflict and thus improve work-life balance. The personal side of things will focus on strategies participants can use to reduce stress and find balance in between family, career, mind and body.  The institutional side of things will provide recommended practices for departments and colleges that can be used in combination with Texas A&M policies (such as parental teaching load restribution guidelines and tenure clock extensions for new parents). This is a 60-minute workshop.  

Improving Climate and Retention Through Evidence-Based Practices

This workshop is designed to provide evidence-based practices for improving departmental climate. Each workshop will address college and department-level concerns that came up in recent climate surveys, and provide information on the relationship between climate and retention. The content of this workshop developed out of the Leadership Excellence for Acaddemic Diversity (LEAD) workshops that were offered during the NSF phase of ADVANCE This is a 60-minute workshop.  

Tactics for Understanding and Improving Faculty-Staff Relations

This workshop is designed to give participants a better understanding of how faculty and staff roles vary, as well as strategies to address the types of conflict and tensions that typically arise between faculty and staff. The content of this workshop developed out of the ADVANCE Faculty-Staff Interaction Teams (FASIT) program that was part of the NSF phase of ADVANCE. This is a 60-minute workshop.  


Guidelines for Scheduling a Workshop

Units (departments and colleges) interested in scheduling a workshop are responsible for the following:
(1) providing a co-facilitator who will work with the ADVANCE team to organize, develop, and run the workshop;
(2) handling all logistical issues (i.e. scheduling a room, ensuring technology is available, and providing food if desired).

To schedule a workshop, please submit a completed workshop request form to  Workshop dates will be scheduled for a date that is a minimum of SIX weeks after a request has been submitted. ADVANCE workshops are available to all academic units at Texas A&M, including units outside of Bryan-College Station. Workshops should be for a minimum of 12 faculty participants. Workshops will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. When multiple requests are received for the same time, priority will be given to units that have not previously held an ADVANCE workshop.