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STRIPE Workshops



STRIPE stands for "Strategies and Tactics for Retention through Inclusive Promotion Evaluation."  STRIPE is a two-hour, interactive workshop designed to assist faculty members serving on promotion and tenure committees with the process of reviewing candidates for promotion in a fair and equitable manner. There are numerous practices and procedures that are well ingrained, yet allow for systemic bias to the evaluation process. This workshop provides participants with evidence-based recommendations for P&T committee members.

The “R” in STRIPE stands for “retention.” The promotion process is closely tied to departmental climate and related retention efforts. Faculty are more likely to view the departmental climate in a favorable way if they feel that the expectations for promotion are transparent, and they feel that their own promotion case was handled in a fair and equitable way. The inverse is also true. Faculty who believe that the process was unfair or feel that their records were not reviewed fairly are more likely than others to consider leaving the institution (or academia), even if they have a favorable outcome in the end.

The “I” in STRIPE stands for “inclusivity.” Biased and unfair practices can affect all faculty, but they tend to have disproportionate impacts on faculty from traditionally underrepresented and minoritized groups, and/or faculty working in newly emerging research areas. The impacts can be compounded for faculty who have multiple minoritized identities (i.e. a woman in a male-dominated discipline (or department) who is from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group and whose research is in an emerging area of research).


How to register for a workshop

Below is our current workshop schedule for Fall 2022.

  • Thursday September 29th, 9:00 am – 11:00 am (via Zoom)
  • Tuesday, October 11th, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm (via Zoom)
  • Monday, November 21st, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm (via Zoom)

Each workshop will be scheduled for up to 50 participants. 

All participants need to register in advance through TrainTraq. To register for a STRIPE workshop, faculty need to log into SSO, click on the link to TrainTraq, and search for the course name:  2114269 STRIPE Workshop. All available sections will be displayed.  (When searching, be sure to change the Category to "All" and ensure that that TAMUS Member Field is "M-Texas A&M University.")

STRIPE Development Committee

STRIPE Workshop was designed and created by a sub-committee of Texas A&M faculty who have been serving as members of the STRIDE Committee (recently renamed to the ADVANCE Workshop Committee):
  • Rebecca Schlegel (Co-Chair), College of Liberal Arts
  • Ben Wu (Co-Chair), College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Debjyoti Banerjee, College of Engineering
  • Sarbajit Banerjee, College of Science/College of Engineering
  • Yava Jones-Hall, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
  • Lisako McKyer, School of Public Health
  • Idia Thurston, College of Liberal Arts/School of Public Health
  • Cynthia Werner, College of Liberal Arts/ADVANCE