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Systemic Racism and Academia


A key objective of ADVANCE is to weave the values of diversity, inclusion, and respect into the culture of Texas A&M University. ADVANCE has always been committeed to improving climate for faculty of color at Texas A&M University. In response to the call for racial justice within the academy, ADVANCE has been making a few changes to its programs, activities, and resources. This page provides a summary of those changes and links to additional information.


Faculty Resources

ADVANCE has added a new page on Systemic Racism and Academia to the Faculty Resources page. This page includes links to relevant articles on systematic racism and how it has and continues to manifest within higher education. Visit the Systemic Racism and Academia page for more information.

STRIDE Workshops

The STRIDE Committee is spending the summer updating the STRIDE workshop for faculty search committee members, and developing a new companion workshop for Promotion and Tenure committee members.  Both workshops provide strategies and tactics for reducing implicit bias, and understanding how systemic racism affects academia.

Exit Interviews

Exit interview data can help universities understand the extent to which climate issues factor into an individual faculty member's decision to leave the university. ADVANCE is in the process of updating and expanding the exit interview process within the Office of the Dean of Faculties at Texas A&M. The exit interview process will help us better understand why faculty accept positions at other universities, and the extent to which systemic racism factors into decisions made by faculty of color. Departing faculty will have the opportunity to complete an online survey and/or participate in an interview to discuss their reasons for leaving the university.  (Information about the current program can be found on the Dean of Faculties website. This information will be updated in the near future.)

STAND Program 

In the fall of 2020, ADVANCE will be introducing the new Sustainable Transformations Aimed at Nurturing Departments (STAND) Program for departments that seek to develop a strategic plan for improving their department climate.  The program will provide departments with resources and consultations to assess climate issues that need to be addressed and to develop a strategic plan for changing the climate. Participating departments will receive a small grant from ADVANCE, and will be expected to provide progress reports over a two year period.

Research Project on COVID-19

Members of the ADVANCE Research Team are initiating a new project that examines the differential impacts of COVID-19 on work conditions and work-life balance among faculty and future faculty at Texas A&M.  The project focuses on three particularly vulnerable groups: tenure-track faculty, Academic Professional Track (APT) faculty, and "future" faculty (i.e. ABD PhD students and post-doctoral fellows). This project considers how COVID-19 is likely to exacerbate existing inequalities for faculty of color. Visit the Current Research page for more information.


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