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Cropped image of a small group of smiling faculty from diverse backgrounds


ADVANCE is a unit within the Faculty Affairs Office that strives to create a psychologically healthy workplace at Texas A&M where all faculty can thrive and succeed.  A key objective of ADVANCE is to weave the values of diversity, inclusion, and respect into the culture of the institution.  ADVANCE does this by providing education, support and outreach for ALL Texas A&M faculty in the form of programs, resources, presentations, and research. 

ADVANCE programs and activities focus on three general areas:

(1) the improvement of the workplace climate for Texas A&M faculty;
(2) the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty of excellence; and
(3) the development of academic leaders committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Key programs include STRIDE workshops for faculty search committee members, STRIPE workshops for faculty promotion and tenure committees; the ADVANCE NCFDD Faculty Success Fellows program to support faculty participation within the National Center for Faculty Diversity and Development's Faculty Success Program, and the ADVANCE Administrative Fellows Program to give emerging leaders an opportunity to try out a new administrative role.  

ADVANCE is supported by a network of faculty, staff, and students who support the mission. The network includes the administrative support team, the Advisory Committee, the ADVANCE Workshop Committee, the Program Committee, and a team of ADVANCE Diversity Champions.