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Candidate Information



The Texas A&M University ADVANCE program is an NSF-funded effort which seeks to increase the number and diversity of women STEM faculty at all levels at Texas A&M.  There are twelve activities being conducted by the program, one of which is the Roadmap for a Successful Academic Career Workshop.  This annual Workshop is hosted by the ADVANCE Center and takes place on campus during the spring.  It is designed for women STEM postdoctoral researchers and assistant professors (3 years or less) both from Texas A&M and from other institutions.  The topics covered in the Workshop include academic portfolios, teaching, research, service, work-life balance, mentoring and more (see the 2013 agenda for more information).  Participation in each Workshop is limited to 50 attendees; the number of attendees will increase over time.





circle checkThe Roadmap Workshop is designed for internal and external women postdoctoral researchers and assistant professors (3 years or less) in STEM fields.




Workshop Application

The Workshop Application is available online starting February 1.  The deadline for submission is February 16. The online application can be accessed here.




The dates below are for all Workshops held 2013-2015:

February 1 Online Workshop Application Open
February 16   
Workshop Application Deadline
February 21 Participant Notification



ADV 4color nonAM HIGH copyaFor inquiries, you may contact the ADVANCE Director, Chris Kaunas (5-1197).